Regional Trip Support

A better way to run your regional trips.

Gain Visiblity and Control

You've got multiple aircraft making domestic trips in high density traffic areas. With pilots and staff each making flight plans their own way, you're challenged to monitor their decisions, track your spend and control regulatory compliance. Key aspects of your business are simply not in your control. That can be costly -- and risky.

Powerful Technology for Regional Trip Support

Colt's Regional Trip Support provides a suite of powerful online trip planning tools, easily used by operators and flight departments to manage and service their own local trips with better efficiency, standardization, transparency and compliance.

Life Cycle of a Trip

Custom Solutions and Outsourcing

We can work with you to customize a regional support plan, including outsourcing sections of your operations.

Get Everyone on the Same Page

Most of your trips are regional, but do you have the same controls in place as your international trip planning? Are the domestic trips as efficient as international? When all your pilots and staff use Colt's online flight planning tools, you can achieve more consistent compliance with your internal procedures for domestic trips.

Better Operational Efficiency, Less Risk

  • Single set of tools for domestic and international flight planning
  • Colt's Online Flight Planning, OFP™, provides 3D images of route and altitude profiles in Google Maps and Google Earth
  • Flight plan formats saved in system
  • Aircraft performance saved in OFP™
  • All your staff can speak the same language
  • Greater accuracy and compliance than individual/manual flight planning
  • Better preparation for ramp check inspections
  • Improved reporting
  • Less risk of safety incidents and regulatory fees
  • Work with Emergency Response Plans (ERP) and Safety Management System (SMS) plans

You See What We See

Your pilots and flight department personnel will use the same high-quality tools - and see the same data - as Colt's own flight operations specialists. With this single set of tools across regional and international trip planning, you can monitor all the planning activity to know exactly what's going on at all times.

  • Integrated international and regional trip planning
  • Shared data and technologies between full-service and self-service trip support
  • Same powerful flight planning tools used by Colt's professionals
  • Greater transparency
  • All work is accessible in one place
  • Create a managed regional trip planning process for better oversight and greater consistency

Optimize Flight Performance

Maximize your aircraft performance envelope with Colt's online flight planning tools. All with one price for unlimited calculations.

  • Ensure maximum safe weight through Runway Analysis and Weight & Balance
  • Get accurate fuel burn
  • Minimize stops
  • Improve safety
  • Uplink with integrated flight deck and cabin communications through Satcom Direct ®

Colt Makes It Easy

Our team is ready to speak with you today to get you started with Colt's online flight planning tools for all your regional trip planning.

  • Multiple tool selection to enhance your operations
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Specialized services available
  • 24/7 support
  • Best of both worlds with a single provider for regional and international trip support
  • Consolidated purchasing power
  • Single invoice
  • No phantom spend

Start your trip right.

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