2015 Venice International
Film Festival

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Trip Planning Guide

The 72nd Venice International Film Festival, organized by La Biennale di Venezia, will be held on the Lido of Venice, September 2 - 12, 2015. The Festival is officially recognized by the FIAPF (International Federation of Film Producers Associations).

There is an estimated 300,000 attendees planning to be present at this event. If you have plans to attend the festival, or to travel to northeastern Italy during this time, please be aware that services and facilities may be in short supply with assorted challenges expected. It is best to plan as early as possible as airport parking, aviation fuel and service arrangements and hotel accommodations will be in high demand.

The preferred airports are Marco Polo Tessera (LIPZ), Treviso Sant'Angelo Airport (LIPH), Guglielmo Marconi (LIPE) and Linate (LIML).

General Event Information

The aim of the Festival is to raise awareness and promote the various aspects of international cinema in all its forms: as art, entertainment and as an industry, in a spirit of freedom and dialogue. In addition to the sections mentioned in the following paragraphs, the Festival also organizes retrospectives and tributes to major figures as a contribution towards a better understanding of the history of cinema.

La Biennale Site

72nd Venice International Film Festival

Landing Permits

Private aircraft overflying or landing does not need to obtain prior permission, but must have a flight plan on file at least two (2) hours prior to entry into Italian airspace to provide advance notification. Non-scheduled commercial flights overflying or landing for commercial or noncommercial purposes must obtain prior permission from the Ministero dei Transporti, Direzione Generale Aviazione Civile.


All flights that arrive, depart and operate within Europe are subject to European regulation for the monitoring and reporting of carbon emissions under the EU’s Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) for qualified non-exempt operators. It remains the responsibility of the operator to monitor their annual emissions based on the full scope of EU ETS and to file their reported emissions data to their associated member state by the deadlines detailed in the legislation. Affected operators may be subject to EU penalties and fines for failing to report and surrender their calculated emissions.

For further information and questions regarding your compliance with EU ETS, global monitoring of your emissions or to have World Fuel | Colt set up and manage compliance issues on your behalf, contact JV Clemente at jvincent.clemente@coltinternational.com or +1 281 280 2100. For the latest EU ETS information, visit https://www.coltinternational.com/resources/regulatory/#euetsUpdates.


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What is this?

Crime, especially petty theft, is the primary security concern for travelers. Italy experiences frequent strikes, demonstrations and protests. Terrorism remains a concern in Italy due to the prevailing global situation, past threats and the country's alliance with the United States. Organized crime has a significant presence, especially in southern Italy. Corruption is prevalent throughout Italy, especially in southern Italy where the mafia maintains a powerful presence; however, travelers are not typically affected by corruption. Other issues, such as hooligan violence and earthquakes, are also security concerns.

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For a more in-depth security analysis, contact World Fuel | Colt Trip Support or UnitedHealthcare Global Risk direct via colt@uhcglobal.com.

Airport Considerations
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Ground Handling

Sky Services

Sky Services (LIPZ) offers first-class, secure handling services for any type of aircraft, thanks to specific, rigorous and individual training programs and to its top-notch ramp equipment specified for general aviation aircrafts. Their highest priority is to guarantee safety and security for your aircraft. That’s why all ramp operations – marshalling, wing walking, refueling – are supervised and executed by their thoroughly trained staff.

SKY is built on its people and that is why we believe that people and their professionalism represent the real value of our company. This is the reason why we have made substantial investments in the training of our multi-language staff.

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Contract Fuel

World Fuel | Colt has contract fuel at all locations within close proximity of Venice. Having physical supply at each of these airports allows us to offer the most competitive pricing to our customers and ensures guaranteed availability along with a seamless on-airport operation. At LIPZ/VCE, we have contracts with both ENI and Prime Aviation Services. Prime Aviation is based on the GA ramp and has dedicated bowers for Business Aviation. Depending on your requirements, we suggest using Prime Aviation if you need a quick turnaround. At BLQ and LIN we have contracts with the dedicated GA providers, TAG Bologna and Prime Aviation, respectively, along with competitive pricing through the commercial suppliers at these airports. We offer fuel at TSF via Kuwait.

World Fuel | Colt is a registered entity in Italy, allowing us to pass on VAT exemption, should you be entitled to it.

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Due to the dynamic regulatory landscape, operating into and out of Italy can present challenges. Italy has very specific requirements for charter operators as well as a specific format for which the information is to be presented. The insurance documentation must denote precise inception and expiration dates, include year, make and model of the aircraft, and distinctly identify the aircraft registration number. In addition, the proof of coverage must match the operator name and show the operator as an insured. This documentation must be submitted for all landing permit applications in order for the permit to be processed.

If you have questions or concerns about the level of coverage required or required documents, please contact Colt Risk Management at insurance@coltinternational.com or +1 281 280 2100.


Numerous hotels throughout Venice are sold out. The impact on hotel rates appear high – primary event location will see rate increases and inventory reduction. Be aware of the cancellation policies at each hotel to avoid penalties. It is highly recommended to book now to secure the best available options. For assistance, contact Colt Trip Support directly at operations@coltinternational.com or call +1 281 280 2200.

Useful Resources

Resource Links

The following will provide you with links to web sites that will help with planning your trip to the Venice International Film Festival. This section contains links to sites that provide information on embassies in the US and in Italy, news feeds, security alerts, and information on health and general country statistical information.

The information provided is based on current information at time of publication and may be subject to change.
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