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The 2015 Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix will be held September 25-27 at the Suzuka Circuit, Suzuka, Japan. The Suzuka Circuit is 50 kilometers southwest of Nagoya which offers two airports, RJNK and RJGG. Both are approximately a one hour drive from the Suzuka Circuit. Other airport options are Osaka (RJBB) and Tokyo (RJAA) both available by car and by train. This event is expected to put increased demand on local general aviation traffic and location infrastructure. It is recommended that hotel rooms and ground transportation be coordinated prior to arrival.

At the time of publication, there are no posted rules or regulations against Formula 1 related flights. The nearest airports, RJGG and RJNA, might become congested for parking during the Formula 1 period. Some aircraft may be required to reposition at other airports, such as RJBB and RJAA, for overnight parking.

Suzuka Circuit

Landing Permits

All applications must be submitted for permission to the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT).

SINGLE STOP (for Entry Airport)

In case of a single stop (one airport stop in Japan) by Private/Corporate flight, no Permit is required to obtain thru MLIT. The slot/spot still needs to be obtained with advance notice.


In case of multiple stops (more than two airport stops in Japan) by Private/Corporate flight, the Domestic Flight Permit needs to be obtained thru MLIT with three days advance notice before ETA.

No Charter/Commercial (except fractional ownership) flight is allowed between two Japanese airports. (Cabotage rule)


Flight to a Non-Entry airport requires a permit with 10 days (three days for business purposes) advance notice before ETA. The slot/spot still needs to be obtained with advance notice. Well advance notice required for CIQ as they are not always at airports.


In case of a Charter/Commercial (Revenue) flight, the Charter Flight Permit needs to be obtained thru MLIT with 10 days (three days for business purposes) advance notice before ETA. For an application for the Charter Permit, the following documents are required to be submitted to MLIT:

  1. Charter Agreement
  2. Certificate of Aircraft Registration
  3. Certificate of Airworthiness
  4. Certificate of Noise
  5. Certificate of Insurance
  6. Air Operator Certificate
  7. Copy of Pilot License/Medical Certificate
  8. Letter of Attorney
  9. TCAS document
  10. Letter of Consistency by US DOT (only for US operators operating between US and Tokyo-Haneda)

Security and Transportation


What is this?

The main security concerns in Japan are crime, including organized crime, and the extremely remote potential for a terrorist attack. Japan frequently experiences seismic activity.

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Hotels conveniently located near Suzuka are already sold out. There are multiple four- and five-star Nagoya hotels reporting availability. Tokyo offers the widest selections of accommodations but beware that commuting will take several hours. Understandably, rates are higher during special events. The impact on hotel rates appear high – primary event location will see rate increases and inventory compression.

For assistance, contact Colt Trip Support directly at or call +1 281 280 2200.

Airport Considerations
Select the city from the destinations list on the left to see the primary and alternate airports. Click the marker on the map for airport information.

Ground Handling


MAINAMI KUKO SERVICE CO., LTD. is one of the major ground handling service providers for private/corporate aviation in Japan. The company was established in 1947 as an into-plane fueling company and started ground handling in 1994. Currently, there are 12 airport offices including RJGG, RJNA, RJBB, RJTT and RJAA.

Mainami Kuko Service Co., LTD is capable of providing the following services at all airports in Japan.

  • Landing Permits
  • Slot/CIQ
  • Ground Handling
  • Crew/Pax CIQ Escort
  • Crew/Pax Hotac & Transportation
  • Catering
  • Fuel
  • Maintenance Assist

Contract Fuel

World Fuel | Colt has contract fuel and services at RJGG, RJNA, RJBB, RJTT and RJAA. At the time of publication of this article, there are no known restrictions or delays with GA fuelings.

Log in to FuelFinder to quote and arrange fuel or contact your World Fuel | Colt sales rep for further information.

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While there are no Japan-specific regulatory requirements for aviation insurance as there may be in other countries, it is important to maintain a copy of the worldwide insurance certificate both within the aircraft as well as filed with your Trip Support company. Most countries will require a copy of the insurance certificate among other items to file the operation permit. Though no country specific forms may be required, keep these best practice recommendations in mind:

  • Ensure that your insurance will be valid for the entirety of your trip
  • Always carry a copy of your current insurance coverage along with contact numbers for your insurance provider and claims department
  • Keep a copy of the insurance records on file with your Trip Support provider in the case you may need a copy
  • Make sure to read the policy to ensure the geographical territory for which you will visit is a covered territory
  • Confirm coverage specific to the destination(s) you will be visiting with your insurance provider
  • Ensure that your insurance documents are properly signed and authenticated in the case of a ramp check

It is important that both Owners and Operators are aware that it is their responsibility to ensure that adequate coverage exists. If you have questions or concerns about the level of coverage required or required documents, please contact Colt Risk Management Services via email at or +1 281 280 2100.

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Resource Links

The following will provide you with links to web sites that will help with planning your trip to the Japan Grand Prix. This section contains links to sites that provide information on embassies in the US and in Japan, news feeds, security alerts, and information on health and general country statistical information.

Regulatory Resources

Japan Civil Aviation Authority

The information provided is based on current information at time of publication and may be subject to change.
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