2015 Belgian Grand Prix

World Fuel | Colt has what you need to make a quick trip to the Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix at Circuit of Spa-Francorchamps, August 21 – 23.

Trip Planning Guide

The 2015 Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix will be held August 21 - 23 at the Spa-Francorchamps in the Ardennes Forest circuit. Events will be held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This event, in conjunction with an influx of summertime visitors, is expected to put increased demand on local general aviation traffic and location infrastructure. It is recommended that hotel rooms and ground transportation be coordinated prior to arrival.

General Event Information

The circuit was built in 1921. Using public roads that twisted and turned through the Ardennes hills forest, a majestic 13 KM Grand Prix course was developed that was both respected and feared by all who drove on it. In 1983, the track was redeveloped and is now only half of its original length but still retains much of its historic character and charm.

Considered by many to be the best circuit on the Formula One calendar, Spa has the longest lap length of all. It one of the most scenically situated, surrounded by wooded hillsides and small farms. It is also renowned for its changeable weather. Often, dry practice and qualifying runs are followed by the main race on Sunday in the wet.

Landing Permits

Belgium Private Permit Charter Permit Commercial Permit
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The Netherlands Private Permit Charter Permit Commercial Permit
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All flights that arrive, depart and operate within Europe are subject to European regulation for the monitoring and reporting of carbon emissions under the EU’s Emissions Trading System (EU-ETS). It remains the responsibility of the operator to monitor their annual emissions based on the full scope of EU-ETS and to file their reported emissions data to their associated member state by the deadlines detailed in the legislation. Affected operators may be subject to EU penalties and fines for failing to report and surrender their calculated emissions.

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The main security concern in Belgium is crime, mostly petty theft. The threat of terrorism remains a concern in Belgium. This threat was highlighted most recently by an anti-terrorism raids conducted in several cities across the country on 15 January 2015, which prompted the government to raise its terror threat level to 3 on a 4-level scale. Strikes and demonstrations have been an issue in the past.

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Contract Fuel

World Fuel | Colt has contract fuel at EBLG, EBCI, EBBR and ELLX through our expanding European network of self-supply locations. Having physical supply at each of these airports allows us to offer the most competitive pricing to our customers and ensures guaranteed availability along with a seamless on-airport operation. Depending on your on-airport requirement, we can also offer contract fuel supply through our preferred, dedicated Business Aviation supplier/FBO, Abelag, at Brussels International Airport.

World Fuel | Colt is a registered entity in both Belgium and Luxembourg, allowing us to pass on VAT exemption, should you be entitled to it.

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When operating aircraft within the European Union (EU), owners and operators should be aware there are specific insurance requirements that apply. While most aircraft insurance policies are issued with a standard worldwide policy territory, it is important to know that there are some countries and regions that differ from the standard. Some require specific limits such as minimum liability limits, minimum war perils coverage, passenger and baggage limits. For example, Germany requires that the insurance coverage for charter aircraft specifically mention that Germany is a covered territory and must have exact policy inception and expiration dates as well as max takeoff weights and seating capacity. Open expiration dates noted on a certificate will not be accepted.

The EU has adopted insurance requirements via EU reg 785/2004 which is separate from the worldwide coverage that you would see on the insurance policy. Both the documents to include the worldwide coverage as well as the EU coverage must be carried on board the aircraft while traveling in the EU. The EU sets minimum liability requirements based on the max takeoff weight of the aircraft, currency units and territorial limits. It is important that both Owners and Operators are aware that it is their responsibility to ensure adequate coverage exists.

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Getting to Event

The Spa circuit lies in the Ardennes forest region of Belgium, 50 km southwest of Aachen, 50km south of Maastricht and 50km southeast of Liege. The circuit is accessible through motorway E40, E25 and E42 (A27) motorway towards St. Wilth/Trier. Take exit 10 to Spa Francorchamps. From the North leave at exit 8 to Spa or at exit 10 to go directly to Francorchamps and the circuit. Use exit 11 if you are going to Stavelot.

Resource Links

The following will provide you with links to web sites that will help with planning your trip to Spa Francorchamps. This section contains links to sites that provide information on embassies in the US and in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, news feeds, security alerts, and information on health and general country statistical information.

Visa and Passports

CIBT Visas | U.S. Citizens
CIBT Passports | U.S. Citizens
Passports and Visas.com l International Citizens

Regulatory Resources

Civil Aviation Authority
EU Safety Authorizations
Country AIP Belgium Netherlands Luxembourg

General Resource Links

The World Fact Book Belgium Netherlands Luxembourg
Embassy of United States Belgium Luxembourg
U.S Department of State
World Health Organization Belgium Netherlands Luxembourg
Center for Disease Control Belgium Netherlands Luxembourg
Other Embassies
>International Travel Belgium Netherlands Luxembourg
General Country Information Belgium Netherlands Luxembourg
News: Reuters
News: Fox News
Country Maps Belgium Netherlands Luxembourg
Worldwide Country Code Information Belgium Netherlands Luxembourg
Travel Advisories Belgium Netherlands Luxembourg

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