Colt International Announces Enhanced Scheduling Solution with PFM
Colt's PFM integration gives business aviation schedulers and dispatchers easier access to accurate and expanded trip planning

San Jose, CA (February 5, 2015) - Colt International took another step forward in providing business aviation schedulers and dispatchers with best-in-class trip planning software when it announced its Phase 2 integration with Professional Flight Management (PFM) at the 2015 NBAA Schedulers and Dispatchers Conference.

The end-to-end software solution gives schedulers and dispatchers a better way to research destinations, check country permit requirements and make informed scheduling decisions without manually compiling data from internet sources. Colt's PFM integration goes beyond simply pushing static trip data. It delivers a two-way connection that gives all users access to real-time schedules from inside Colt's powerful trip support technologies - OFP™ for flight plans and Trip View™ for customizable flight packages, status and tracking - all through a secure PFM interface.

PFM accesses the OFP flight planning engine for precise flight plans, fuel burn and weather, in turn providing schedulers with calculated enroute times rather than estimated. More accurate schedules translate to safer flights, a better understanding of true flight times for executives and faster trip options for passengers.

The seamless two-way integration of the Colt/PFM technologies means data is accurate, secure and error-free. Mistakes due to manual transfer to Trip Support or transposition are eliminated. Schedulers have access to more information through integrated research tools using Colt's blend of proprietary aviation data and the best online resources. Flight teams share the same trip delivery package in real-time and everyone is on the same page.

With one secure system to do it all, the integration offers the best of both worlds, PFM for scheduling and OFP for flight planning, combined to provide better trips.

About Colt International

Colt International is a leading provider of trip support, aviation insurance and fuel services. More than 8,200 flight department trust Colt to deliver high-quality service for 20,000-plus aircraft. Through its worldwide network of offices and global service network, Colt ensures successful trips while reducing operating costs. Colt International is a World Fuel Services Company.

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