Colt International's Regional Trip Support Delivers Visibility and Control to Pilots and Flight Operations
Cloud technology and service solution includes new OFP – File & Go and APG's Runway Analysis and Weight & Balance Tools

WEBSTER, Texas (October 23, 2014) - Today, Colt International announced the latest addition to its rapidly expanding Trip Support solution. Regional Trip Support (RTS) is a new flexible, bundle of services and cloud technologies designed to help companies drive standard processes and gain transparency across all international and regional trips. Four elements comprise RTS - online flight planning technology, datalink, aircraft performance tools and full-service regional flight support. The solution is sold either as a packaged offering or a la carte. Included in RTS is the fall release of OFP™ - Colt's online flight planning tool. The new OFP includes numerous improvements and highlights two significant new enhancements, an entry version named OFP- File & Go and the integration of Aircraft Performance Group's Runway Analysis and Weight & Balance tools.

With RTS, corporate flight departments and aviation companies can streamline operations and gain visibility of all trips by standardizing technology and processes. They can also seamlessly integrate Colt's services into their flight department's service delivery with options such as Active Flight Watch, where specially trained staff monitor your flights 24/7 and help pilots mitigate issues and delays.

In OFP – File & Go, users can set up fuel, graphically build a navigation log, and then file the plan with ATC. Just fuel, file and go. Currently, it is offered free with a Colt account. As needs expand, File & Go users can upgrade to the full version of OFP.

OFP's second key addition is a cloud-based integration with APG's Runway Analysis and Weight & Balance tools. Using APG's leading aircraft performance technology in OFP, pilots can gain a detailed understanding of the aircraft performance envelope in different conditions. For example, users can calculate an aircraft's maximum safe payload, so they do not leave any payload behind. When all services and technologies are combined with Colt's existing Datalink solution, dispatchers, schedulers, and aviation managers have a regional solution that can help them operate safer and maximize each flight's value.

About Colt International

Colt International is a leading provider of trip support, aviation insurance and fuel services. More than 8,200 flight departments trust Colt to deliver high-quality service for 17,000-plus aircraft. Through its worldwide network of offices and global service network, Colt ensures successful trips while reducing operating costs. Colt International is a World Fuel Services Company.

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