Colt International Announces New Trip View™ Release
Business aviation customers gain access to interactive maps and expanded aviation data

WEBSTER, Texas (June 24, 2014) - Colt International released the latest version of Trip View, their state-of-the-art business aviation trip management tool, at the 2014 NBAA regional event in Van Nuys, CA. The new release merges Colt's exclusive aviation databases and the best travel information on the web with their innovative, interactive map technology in one easy-to-use interface. The product upgrade puts more information at the user's fingertips, so they can better understand and track every detail from trip creation to the return flight home. Flight departments, dispatchers and pilots can manage trips with confidence via this on-demand, cloud-based service. Trip View is free for all Colt customers with an active trip.

"We saw an opportunity to open up access to our data and merge it with some of the incredible resources on the web," said Jeff Briand, Senior Vice President of International Flight Operations. "By eliminating information barriers and integrating our innovative mapping technology, we've created an incredible user experience. All of our clients will have an easy-to-use free tool at their disposal to not only track trip progress but to understand every detail around the flight, which is especially important on complex international trips."

Previously available only in flight planning tools, Trip View applies Colt's innovative, interactive mapping technology, which was perfected in Colt's OFP™ product. Trip View displays numerous interactive maps with rich contextual information. Graphical route and flight paths are integrated with permit and overflight requirements. Users can zoom in to view satellite runway maps, consider alternative airports and understand the proximity between the airport and the city.

Trip View allows trip planners and pilots to quickly perform a visual checklist of every service. More than 20 key trip details are available in one spot, including passenger weather, leg service summaries, overflight information, permit requirements, aviation bulletins and crew/passenger manifests. It provides the ability for contextual research around the flight path and destinations. For example, users can retrieve security alerts and recommendations by leg. Corporate flight operation teams can track progress during trip planning and follow flights on-demand without phone calls or emails. Since Colt's products are cloud-based, pilots, dispatchers and flight operations can always be aware of confirmations, changes and conditions.

About Colt International

Colt International is a leading provider of trip support, risk management and fuel services. More than 8,200 flight departments trust Colt to deliver high-quality service for 16,000-plus aircraft. Through its worldwide offices and global service network, Colt ensures successful trips while reducing operating costs.

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