Colt International Announces New Offices in China & Australia, Marking Continued Global Growth

WEBSTER, Texas (April 15, 2014) – During the 2014 Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (ABACE) in Shanghai, China, Colt International announced the opening of two offices to service its rapidly growing business throughout the Asia-Pacific market. The new offices, which will become operational within the next month, are located in Hong Kong, China, and Melbourne, Australia. They will be staffed by local business aviation experts and will support customers flying to, from and within the region. As a result of this move, Colt will provide global contract fuel services and international trip planning in both the Chinese and English languages. The addition of these offices expands the firm's global network to six offices: Houston and Calgary for North America, São Paulo for South America, and Geneva for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

"Colt continues to grow globally, with the Asia-Pacific region now our fastest growing market," said Malcolm Hawkins, president of Colt International. "The new offices in Hong Kong and Melbourne put us in closer contact with our customers there and open the door wide for new operators and flight departments to benefit from our fuel and trip support programs."

Colt plans to expand the Asia-Pacific offices during the next year. The company believes a long-term investment in the local aviation markets will benefit both the hosting countries and local operators. Since 1999, Colt has serviced Asian and Pacific operators by focusing on delivering excellent service, securing competitive pricing and driving Colt Card acceptance worldwide. These focal points catapulted the Colt Card to recently be voted the #1 Aviation Fuel Credit Card in the 2014 Pro Pilot PRASE Survey.

"Having an office in Hong Kong is ideal for all our customers. It clearly places Colt in the heart of Asia," said Daniel Coetzer, managing director of Europe and Asia for Colt. "We can now better secure a regional fuel supply and provide personalized local trip support. Our expansion is modeled after our success in Europe and South America."

Coetzer added: "We staff the offices with local experts who are fluent in the local languages. These offices secure outstanding fuel rates, provide effective troubleshooting and ensure our service network's quality. No matter where our clients take-off or land, we can ensure a successful trip."

Colt's local offices will provide a more cost-effective vetting process for service providers in the Asia-Pacific region. Numbering more than 10,000 strong, Colt's worldwide trip service network of preferred handlers, vendors and agents are carefully selected based on their capabilities and historical performance. Site visits are routinely conducted to ensure all providers meet Colt's high standards and continually comply with quality assessment criteria.

About Colt International

Colt International is a leading provider of trip support, risk management and fuel services. More than 8,200 flight departments trust Colt to deliver high-quality service for 16,000-plus aircraft. Through its worldwide network of offices and global service network, Colt ensures successful trips while reducing operating costs.

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